What Parents are Saying

Salih D. R. Erschen, USA

"Bismillah... Our children have been studying Qur'an and have enjoyed Aqidah, Seerah, and Arabic courses. They often share with enthusiasm the lessons that they have covered with Ustadh Ismail. We are thankful to Allah for the positive blessings our children have gained through their connection with the online academy."

Durrab Ahmed, USA

"As a mother of a high schooler and middle schoolers, I would highly recommend this Program. Masha’Allah it’s amazing and very much needed in today’s time of Fitna in order to increase love and understanding of the Deen in our new generation. Jazakum Allahu khairan katheeran for all the hard work. Barakah Allahu Fik. Aameen."

Our Mission

Tradition Meets Modernity

Rawdah Academy provides an enriched learning environment for Muslim teens (13-19) to learn about Islam, develop critical thinking skills, and enlighten their hearts. Rawdah Academy is designed to illuminate their context with the light of knowledge.    

Our structured curriculum includes classes on Islamic belief, practice, history, character, lives of the Prophets, Hadith, and Tafsir. Our program is for teens who are either homeschooled or want to supplement their secular education with a strong foundation in Islamic learning.

The Experience

  • A Structured Curriculum

    Our curriculum is curated for Muslim teens in the west. Subjects follow classical texts, yet are accompanied with a relevant explanation. Videos are short and concise. Each lesson is 5-10 minutes long. Upon the completion of a subject, students receive a personal certificate.

  • Remote Learning

    Students are able to log in to the live lessons from anywhere in the world. The online platform includes downloadable textbooks, a Q&A messaging section, and quizzes. In person retreats are held in the summer (TBA).

  • Live Weekly Q&A's

    A live online get together is held each week for Q&A's, discussions, and to hangout with classmates and the Ustadh.


Shaykh Ismail Bowers

Ismail was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. His father is an American convert to Islam and his mother is a teacher of Islamic studies from Fes, Morocco. He is the first American to have formally earned an ‘Alimiyya degree in Islamic Studies from the traditional University of Al-Qarawiyyin in Fes, Morocco.​ He is currently the Associate Imam and Director of Youth Development at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo and is pursuing a Masters in Theology at the highly regarded Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.


*If you are unable to pay the tuition, please email us at rawdahorg@gmail.com to receive a full scholarship.